Terms and Conditions

All activities performed in the context of domestic and cross-border transport, entrusted to Limpens, are subject to both the General Dutch Transport Conditions 2002 (AVC 2002) and the 'Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road' (CMR Genève 1956). De AVC 2002 are supplementary to CMR Treaty.

All logistic services other than transport, such as warehousing, physical distribution, value added logistics etc. are subject to the latest version of the Logistical Services Conditions 2014 (LSC 2014).

The AVC and the LSC are deposited at the Registry of the District Courts of justice of Rotterdam and will be sent at first request against actual costs. Dutch law is applicable. The District Court of Limburg is competent.

Notwithstanding any other liability limitations, at all times Limpens’ liability is restricted to the agreed amount of the specific order relating to the damage that occurred, except premeditation or recklessness of Limpens’ managing board.