ADR transport

A couple years ago Limpens entered the market of transportation of hazardous materials (ADR). We transport both ADR liquid as ADR dry bulk goods.

What does ADR transportation mean?

ADR is the derived from the French name for the treaty concerning international transportation of dangerous and hazardous materials: "Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route".

As you can expect from us, we entered this market with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. In order to enter this market we trained both our drivers and our safety advisors. Currently 50% of our drivers is certified to transport ADR and we have 3 safety advisors employed.

Furthermore, we had to adapt and certify our fleet in order to transport ADR. Currently our fleet exists of:

  • 50 trucks
  • 20 liquid trailers
  • 35 dry bulk trailers (These are also IMO4 certified which means that these are also suitable for ADR transport over water)
  • 2 vacuüm bulk trailers