Limpens is the full logistics service partner in the field of storage and handling of bulk goods, like plastic granulates, pvc powders and other commodities. At the moment we have a total of 109 storage silo’s with a total capacity of 29.500m³ at your disposal. These storage silo’s are situated centrally in western Europe and are located in the South of the Netherlands directly next to the A2 with the connection to water- and railway transportation in the direct area.

The logistical services further consist of a debagging machine with a capacity of more than 25 tons per hour, a dino bulk truck loader, a bigbag filling machine and a weighbridge with a length of 24 meters and capacity of 70 ton. We can handle import flows from all over the world efficiently and effectively by using the most modern on- and offloading techniques.

Our silo's are all secured with a advanced key system from Netherlocks. By means of this system we ensure that contamination isn't possible at our silo's. In the movie below we explain how this system works.

Netherlocks Limpens-Elsloo