18-10-2013 - 10:03
The Dutch broadcasting company RTL7 brings a news item about our company.Program starts in October the 20th and the 27th  at 17 hours.RTL 7 transportwereld.It will be repeated 1 week later on Saturday.
18-10-2013 - 10:00
Over many years Limpens is a partner and financial sponsor of Warchild.This year also we have done a substantial donation.This helps Warchild in supporting more than 800 children in their effort of “taking out, the war of a child”. More information, or even better, for supporting Warchild, www.... Lees meer
18-10-2013 - 09:58
Very recently we achieved a big bag loader at our logistics department.Now we are able in safely handling big bags.With this stainless steel loader we are able in loading a bulk trailer from ground level.For more information please fill in an application form at our website, www.limpens-elsloo.nl
01-09-2013 - 00:00
As of September we invested in a very modern and sophisticated tire pressure device. With this application it is possible for a driver in measuring his tire pressure, profile depth and has an axle weight control within 1 minute.This service is also available for customers.
03-08-2013 - 00:00
We added 8 ADR certified trailers to our fleet.These are 4 Spitzer trailers (65m3) and 4 Feldbinder trailers (60m3).With these trailers we are able to transport ADR dry bulk products. 
06-07-2013 - 00:00
All our new Euro 6 Trucks are on the road. Two of the four brands are ADR certified, we wish our drivers many save and lean kilometres. 
04-07-2013 - 00:00
After many hours of hard labour our new low bed semi-trailer is finally finished. With the help of this trailer we can safely transport a broken truck, so the truck can be fixed at our own garage.
01-07-2013 - 00:00
In July the Volvo Euro 6 trucks are delivered. This trucks are both ADR approved. The Volvo FH XL cabin is equipped with several safety systems such as ESP, Lane keeping support, Driver alert support, Lane change support, and Adaptive cruise. They are also equipped with I-ParkCool, TV with a DVD-... Lees meer
15-06-2013 - 00:00
This week we added 2 new trucks to our fleet, the new DAF XF. These trucks are ADR approved and are equipped with several safety systems such as Laneguard LGS, adapted cruise ACC, stability control ESP, sensors in the Kingpin Recoss. They are also equipped with parking heating, parking airco and a... Lees meer
31-05-2013 - 00:00
J.W. Limpens & Zn BV. has a convenant concluded with the Inspection for Environment & Transport. This convenant allows that Limpens control it own driving and rest times and overloading. The Inspection for Environment & Transport will audit Limpens each year.