20-12-2015 - 00:00
With the arrival of nine new ADR trailers we now hold a extensive fleet of ADR bulk trailers in the sizes of 40m3, 60m3 en 65m3. All these bulktrailers are IMO certified for overseas transport. Our trailers will be deployed for a new customer with ADR dry bulk transport tot the United... Lees meer
15-12-2015 - 00:00
On our 85th anniversary we've given the visitors the opportunity to donate money on behalf of our anniversary which we would donate to a couple of charities. Here is the list of charities which have been helped with your donations:WarchildKikaRonald McDonald huisToon hermans HuisVoedselbank... Lees meer
20-11-2015 - 00:00
All new and reconditioned trailers since 2014 will be equipped with an automatic tire pump system. Through a LED light on the trailer, which the driver can see through his mirror, the driver can check if his tires have the right pressure. In case of a small air lekkage, the system will... Lees meer
Big Bag filler
10-11-2015 - 00:00
We've expanded our logistics operations. Next to our silo's, debagging machine and dinoloader we now can also load Big Bag with our Big Bag filling machine. The Big Big filler is mobile, so we can perform this proces at different locations. Furtermore, the filler has a built-in weighing system to... Lees meer
17-07-2015 - 09:30
In the weekend of 4-5 July we celebrated the fact that Limpens exists 85 years. Luckily we could celebrate this with all our truck drivers who were back on time for the weekend.On Sunday we received about 2.500 people to our open day, through this message we would like to thank all the people for... Lees meer
13-06-2015 - 00:00
We’ve added 6 new Volvo FH trucks to our fleet, these where delivered by Nebim.These euro 6 trucks are all equipped with all the safety options available such as, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Support, Lane Changing Support, Fifth wheel security, airbags, I-See, Forward Collision Warning... Lees meer
04-05-2015 - 17:47
This year, already 50 drivers got there stability course .During this course the situation is simulated where the trailer could tip over .Attention was also paid to manoeuvre .
04-05-2015 - 00:00
We’ve added 3 new DAF trucks to our fleet, these where delivered by Loven.These are 3 trucks equipped with 3 axels, especially for the transportation in the United Kingdom.These euro 6 trucks are equipped with all safety options available such as, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lange Guard, VSC, fifth... Lees meer
21-04-2015 - 00:00
In the south of the Netherlands together with five fire brigades we have done an exercise at the fire command center in Simpelveld.It was simulated that the driver became unwell during unloading caused by a leak.The five brigades had to organize a rescue operation and to secure the situation.It was... Lees meer
03-02-2015 - 00:00
We have expanded our vacuum fleet with a new trailer .It is an FFB trailer 63m3  ADR proved.This trailer is able to pump or to evacuate both powders and granulates.This is our 3rd trailer for this work.