Our core values

Within our organization, we want every single employee to truly feel like a part of our team. After al, it’s our people that truly make the difference! Our five core values show what we think is important as a company and explain how we work together to continually contribute to our customers’ success.


Our customers must be able to rely on our service at all times. In our recruitment and selection process, we therefore pay a lot of attention in finding the right employees that really suit our company and work ethic. Applicants get multiple interviews before we hire them and all new drivers join one of our experienced drivers first. This way, we are able to continuously meet our own quality standards.



Limpens stands for quality. In order to offer our customers premium service, we make sure that everyone here is good at what they do. Every new truck driver, beginner or advanced, gets a solid training to become a good bulk driver. Furthermore, all of our employees are regularly trained to become even better at their work. 


Safety comes first. Always. Therefore, improving risk awareness and helping our employees to minimize these risks therefore is part of their daily work. In addition, we offer annual safety training sessions. Within our organization, two people work on improving quality and safety fulltime.


At Limpens, we are a real team. Whether someone has worked here for 5 days or 50 years: everyone is equally important. We know that our employees are true experts in their fields of expertise and therefore we highly value their input and suggestions for improvements.

Our work culture is very open and there is a great sense of respect for everyone’s background, expertise and experience. We foster this positive culture in order to make every single one of our employees feel at home in our company.

Work-life balance


We want all of our employees to feel good and to be proud of what they do. That means that Limpens employees go the extra mile when needed. That is something we greatly respect and appreciate. But at the same time, we realize there’s more in life than work. We want our employees to stay happy and healthy and therefore help them finding the right work-life balance. In the long run, this truly makes a difference.