Operation Clean Sweep

"Operation Clean Sweep is a voluntary program aimed at raising awareness, promoting best practices, and providing guidance and tools to support companies in the plastic value chain in implementing necessary measures to prevent the loss of pellets."

As a logistics service provider for the petrochemical industry, we extensively deal with granules, both in transportation and at our cleaning stations and warehouses. At Limpens, we have joined this program and adopted the best practices into our operations. Preventing product loss is one of our top priorities.

First and foremost, all our employees are trained in the proper execution of tasks to prevent product loss. Through promotional materials, instructional signs, and signage, we also aim to inform third parties about our procedures.

In the unlikely event of product loss, we have provisions and equipment available on all our premises and forklifts to quickly clean up. Additionally, all our pits and water drainage systems are equipped with grates and filters to prevent any residues from entering the sewer system."

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