War Child

For many years, Limpens has been supporting the charitable organization War Child.

War Child
War Child's mission is to help take the war out of a child by providing protection, psychosocial support, and education. Through their efforts, they make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable children.

Gwen van Mansum, representing War Child, wrote the following:

"Since 2002, Limpens has been an incredibly valuable partner of War Child. Limpens provides ongoing support to children affected by war through a fixed annual contribution. In addition to this contribution, employees regularly organize fundraising activities for War Child. They also offer supportive services, as seen during the tour across the Netherlands for the program 'Radio 538 supports War Child.' Thanks to this support, War Child can focus on children in conflict areas, giving them hope for a positive future, building their resilience, and providing them with education. Most importantly, these children can experience moments of childhood once again. On behalf of War Child, a heartfelt thank you to Limpens!"

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