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Repacking is a daily job for our team. No matter how you deliver your goods, we can repack it into any desired packaging. We do this quickly and efficiently using the latest loading and unloading techniques. Virtually anything is possible at Limpens. Let us know what you need; we are more than willing to help you on finding the best solution.

We have various installations for packaging and repackaging your goods.

25 KG Bag Cutting Machine
With our bag cutting machine, we can swiftly repack your packaged cargo into bulk or big bags. We can perform this repacking with a capacity of over 25 tons per hour.

Loading quickly and safely without the risk of contamination? Our dinoloaders enables efficient transfer from big bags to bulk, ensuring safe loading.

Big Bag / Octabin Fillers
Our big bag fillers, equipped with an automatic weighing system, expertly pack your cargo into big bags or octabins with precision down to the kilogram. By filling the bags while hanging and using an vibrating table we ensure well-balanced, stable and straight-filled bags.

Automatic 25KG Bagging System
Using our bagging system, we can repack your cargo from a bulk truck into 25 kg bags. This fully automated process has a capacity of 10 tons per hour. After filling and weighing, the bags are securely sealed and marked. They are then automatically stacked onto a pallet and  covered with a robust stretch hood. This waterproof packaging allows for both indoor and outdoor storage. Additionally, this optimal packaging method ensures that your cargo is immediately prepared for global transportation.

Stretch hood machine
Our stretch hood machine can also be used seperatly from our 25KG bagging system for covering octabins and bigbags with a waterproof packaging.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your repacking needs or any other requirements you may have. We are here to help!


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