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Limpens offers comprehensive and flexible warehousing facilities to meet your needs. We can handle pallets of all types and sizes.

Spread across three warehouses, we provide 13,000m² of available storage space. Each warehouse is equipped with shuttle and pallet racking systems, allowing us to semi-automatically place pallets in the racks. This combination of human and machine ensures optimal performance and high flexibility. In addition to the warehouses, we also have 8,500 m² of outdoor storage space. Here, you can securely store waterproof packed goods at an attractive rate. 

All movements are recorded and monitored in our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Through track & trace, all pallets can be individually tracked. This provides you with optimal security. In addition, our customer portal agives you real-time visibility into your current inventory.

Unloading and loading of tautliners/containers can be performed from either the side or the rear. Our loading docks ensure safe and efficient operations at all times.

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