Silo Rental Silo Rental

If you need a bulk trailer fast with high loading capacity and quick unloading times, our Silo Rental is the ideal solution. Our rental options are highly diverse and flexible. You can rent for a period starting from three months up to several years. Our equipment is young and meticulously maintained. You take care of the liability and comprehensive insurance, and we handle the rest. All bulk components, discharge hoses, and adapter couplings are always in stock for your convenience.

We offer tipping bulk trailers in the following sizes:

  • 60m³
  • 65m³

All trailers are equipped with electric 24-volt tipping units and feature 5-micron filters in the air line. They come with 4 hose compartments of 6 meters each. The trailers have a red chassis and a white tank without advertisements.

For questions and/or rates, you can contact:

Jasper Limpens

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