Vacuum bulk trailers Vacuum bulk trailers

Limpens Elsloo has three modern and fully equipped vacuum bulk trailers. These vacuum trailers are designed for suctioning dry granulates / powders and are operated by well-trained and experienced drivers.

Vacuum bulk trailers are often used in case of emergencies, including:

  • Suctioning products from silos due to incorrect discharges. There is also the possibility to suction a portion from the top.
  • Emptying one or multiple silos at production sites when the product does not meet teh correct specifications.
  • Clearing out bulk trailers involved in accidents and unloading is no longer possible.
  • Additionally, large quantities of spilled product can also be suctioned.

We can unload your suctioned bulk goods at a location of your choice, or we can store them in one of our silo parks. If desired, we can also repackage them for further transport.

For questions and/or rates, you can contact:

Roger Speetjens

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