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With this motto we underline that quality and involvement in logistics mainly revolves around human attention and care for detail. We realize that people make the difference. Direct lines, high flexibility and expertise are the main reasons for customers to choose Limpens. This ensures that we have been a successful family business since 1930, with the 4th generation currently at the helm.

Limpens has developed from a transporter to a logistics partner of European stature. Logistical activities such as transport, silo storage, pallet storage, repacking and cleaning locations make Limpens a complete chain supplier. With a close-knit team of 150 employees who are committed to our customers every day.

We have a complete logistics infrastructure of more than 80 tractors and 250 various trailers that are equipped with the latest safety systems. Our fleet is kept in perfect condition in our own workshop and cleaning stations. In addition, in Elsloo we have 160 storage silos spread over 3 silo parks, 13,000 m2 indoor storage, 8,500 m2 outdoor storage and several repack installations.

With bulk and tank transport to all (Western) European countries, we are the transporter for bulk goods. Both GMP and chemistry, but also ADR are our markets. We only have drivers on the road who have had a thorough education and are regularly trained. Our planning department is also available 24 hours a day.

Our people work every day to provide you with the best possible service. After all, quality in professional freight transport and the associated logistics services revolves around human attention and care for detail! We are always happy to think along with you and do not hesitate to make investments.

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