Sustainable entrepreneurship

We believe it is important to be proactive in responsible and sustainable business.


Our cleaning in Elsloo, for example, has been using solar collectors and geothermal energy to heat up the hot water since its start in 1998. The water is first introduced more than 100 meters into the earth by the geothermal heat pump through a system of pipelines. This water is then heated again by means of heat pipes on the roof. These heat pipes consist of double-walled, glass vacuum tubes through which a special liquid that absorbs solar heat runs. This heat is transported to the water storage tank where it heats the water. By using these techniques, we save no less than 90 tons of CO2 on an annual basis!


The same geothermal heat pump also provides the head office with heating and cooling for all rooms and hot water.

The office of the Logistics department was built in 2022 and completely gas-free. Here we use an air-water heat pump to heat and cool all rooms through floor pipes. It also heats a boiler for showers.

Furthermore, all our roofs are also equipped with solar panels. With more than 3,000 panels, we generate approximately 1.3 GWh annually.


We always use the latest and therefore most environmentally friendly trucks for transport. Since 2019 we have also added 8 LNG trucks to our fleet. These vehicles run on liquefied gas and have CO2 emissions that are 25% lower than the conventional diesel truck. We closely monitor new developments such as electric trucks and trucks on hydrogen.

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