Working at Limpens

We think it is important that everyone who works at Limpens feels at home. Our team may consist of about 200 men and women, but we are still a close-knit team. The lines are short and everyone can think along. Our motto is for a good reason 'We are Limpens'!

 Five core values show what we find important as a company. They make clear what we can expect from each other and how we work together on the success of our customers.


Customers can always rely on 'Limpens' service. This means that we expect all our employees to have the same values as us and to be fully committed. We therefore pay a lot of attention to selecting the right employees. For example, we conduct several interviews with applicants and potential drivers always drive with one of our experienced employees first. In this way we keep the quality high and our customers can always rely on Limpens.


Limpens stands for quality. We always want to be able to offer our customers the best. That's why we want everyone who works here to be good at their job. Every new truck driver, with or without experience, first receives training as a bulk driver at Limpens, given by an experienced practical trainer. Limpens is a training company recognized by VTL (Professional training institute Transport & Logistics)

You never stop learning, which is why employees at Limpens are still regularly trained. We help you get the best out of yourself and take your development seriously. With this approach, not only our employees benefit, but also the all over organization and our customers get the quality they deserve.


Safety comes first. Always, in everything we do. We therefore visualize all risks as accurately as possible. So you know what to look out for and what you can do to protect yourself and others.

We want to do everything we can to ensure that everyone always comes home safely. That is why we make our employees aware of dangers and help them to work more safely. We do this in annual training courses and in our daily work. There are also two people working full-time on making improvements in the field of quality and safety.



To bind & fascinate

At Limpens we are a real team. Colleagues who have been working here for years and newcomers: everyone is important. Our employees know better than anyone what is going on, so we take everyone's opinion seriously.

We think it is important that every employee feels connected to Limpens. With us as an employer and with colleagues. We are open to each other, listen to others and always respect everyone within the organization. This is how we ensure that everyone feels at home and that there is a good working atmosphere

Reconciliation work and private life

We want all our employees to feel comfortable at work and to be proud of what they do. This means that a Limpens employee goes the extra mile to help the company where necessary. We appreciate that commitment. At the same time, we realize all too well that there is more to life than work. A nice home and good health are what it really comes down to. That is why we at Limpens always pay attention to the private situation of our employees. Together we always find a tailor-made solution for the right balance between work and private life.